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Aluminium alloys

For aluminium alloys processing we apply hot and cold forging technology by screw presses and die hammers. Plant is able to forge aluminium alloys series EN AW-2XXX, EN AW-3XXX, EN AW-4XXX, EN AW-5XXX, EN AW-6XXX and EN AW-7XXX. Maximum die forging weight is up to 25,00 kg, max. open die (hand forging) weight is up to 50,00 kg. Aluminium forged pistons, generator fan blades, connectors, half-wheels and discs are produced for various uses in the aircraft and energy industry.

Heat treatment furnaces for precipitation hardening process conforms with AMS 2750 standard requirements.

See our material information sheet 'ZOP Aluminium alloys' for further details.

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Aluminium alloys - Material information