we offer the highest quality open and die forgings


For steel processing we use hot and cold forging technology on die hammers. For pre-heating before process is applied induction heaters and gas furnaces with automatic temperature regulation and registration. Plant is ready to forge all steel  series

  • structural steels
  • pressure lines and vessels steels
  • engineering steels higher quality
  • special ESR (Electro Slag Refined) and VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelted) quality steels
  • stainless steels and heat resistant steels
  • maraging steels
  • tool steels

Max die forging weight is up to 25,00 kg, max. open die (hand forging) weight is up to 50,00 kg. Steel forged accessory gear boxes gears, connectors, diffusor blades, discs are produced for various applications in the aircraft industry and general engineering. Heat treatment furnaces for heat treatment processes conforms with AMS 2750 standard requirements.

See our material information sheet 'ZOP Steel' for further details.

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