we offer the highest quality open and die forgings

In production of our products, we use the following special processes:

  • heat treatment of aluminum alloys (solution treatment and artificial aging),
  • normalization and tempering of high-alloy steels (NADCAP accredited process),
  • quenching and tempering of carbon steels,
  • solution treatment of stainless and heat-resistant steels,
  • isothermal and two-stage annealing of titanium alloys,
  • NDT non-destructive testing (NADCAP accredited process).

Special processes belong to the group of processes for which it is not possible to determine their compliance with the requirements by visual inspection or direct measurement. Evaluation of process compliance can only be carried out by performing additional specialized examinations or tests. It is important to supervise technological parameters of the process and the approval of equipment and personnel to ensur repeatability of the process.